RustedWorld 2x Testing

Interested in being a part of the new RustedWorld 2x Test phase? Connect via the following in console, type: client.connect

This will be a pure vanilla 2x server. Mods/Plugins will only be cosmetic and not alter game play.

Provide your feedback in Discord/#suggestions

Celebrating Level 1 Discord Server Boost

To celebrate reaching Level 1 Discord Server Boost we have implemented a brand new Booster role in Discord and Rust. As well as an elevated Discord Boosters Role, Boosters will receive a special AK kit 3x in the wipe and an additional Air Drop every 24 hours.

See if you can spot the new animated icon for our Discord Server!

New Host!

RustedWorld has just moved to the NextDC B2 Brisbane Tier IV Gold Cert data centre ( and taking advantage of all the perks of a big data centre including DDoS protection, 100Gb speeds, 100% (T4) uptime, etc.

Find us in the modded server list “RustedWorld” or connect in the console by typing /client.connect