We currently offer two playing modes:

  • RustedWorld 2x – Ready for the reward of the grind?
  • RustedWorld 1000x – Short on time but still want to play the game as it was intended?

All mods and plugins are chosen and configured to enhance your experience while maintaining frame rates. See the #commands-faq and #commands-vip-faq on Discord for more info. Vanilla Servers are pure vanilla and any mods are for cosmetic purposes.

VIP Packages:
Various VIP Packages are available. See #vip-benefits and #commands-vip-faq on Discord for more information. VIP benefits can vary between servers. Type /help in game to view the benefits for that server. Currently VIP benefits are across all servers but that may change.
Go to our web site to purchase: https://www.rustedworld.net

Help: Need help? Non playing admins are close by for support on Discord

Wipe Schedule: #when-is-wipe on Discord

Rules: #rules on Discord

Web Site: https://www.rustedworld.net

Connect to Server: Search for RustedWorld in the modded server list or push F1 in game then in the console type:

  • For RustedWorld 1000x type: client.connect
  • For RustedWorld 2x type: client.connect

RustedWorld 1000x Server Enhancements:

Purging: Placed entities will be purged from the server on the following timeline. To avoid the Purge you need to join the server within that time frame.

  • Non-Members – Players who have not /auth in game – 1 day
  • Members – Players who have /auth in game – 3 days
  • VIP Players – Immune to purge

Bradley: Bradley has been beefed up. You will need extra firepower and meds to take it down. Beware the defenders after it explodes.

Wipe Night Event
Thursday nights from 7pm till Midnight

  • Access to the /mymini command allowing you to spawn a Mini anywhere anytime.
  • Regular C4 and Rocket drops to each player online.