Server Rules

Breaking any of these rules will result in either a mute or ban which will be either temporary or permanent. We reserve the right to pass judgement as to whether or not you have broken any of the rules below. For example, you may not think you are being toxic but if we deem you are then you will have consequences.

The following should be avoided:

  1. Cheating or using game exploits and/or bugs.
  2. Disrespectful, abusive or toxic behaviour.
  3. Anything said, typed or in an image that is racist.
  4. Building bases to deliberately cause other players to have reduced performance.
  5. Taking Action without following the proper procedure as outlined below.


  1. No owners or admins will actively play as owner or admin. The only time you will see these players is when they are working to improve the server or checking on the server and players.
  2. No advertising without written permission.
  3. Previous game or VAC bans may result in your removal from this server.
  4. RustedWorld reserves the right to remove you from this server.

Taking Action:
If you suspect someone is breaking rules and want to let us know you need to:

  1. Be sure or you will have consequences for wasting everyones time.
  2. Record video evidence of the rule(s) being broken.
  3. Write a paragraph of text explaining the video evidence.
  4. Send 2. and 3. to a Moderator or Admin.
  5. Wait for us to get back to you.
  6. If you are found to be wasting our time you will be given consequences that may include removal from the server.

What you will not do:

  1. Harass other players or staff about the perceived issue. For example, typing in chat or saying in voice chat “hacks” constantly each time you die.
  2. Think it is ok to break server rules in defense of the perceived issue. For example, typing in chat or saying in voice chat offensive material each time you die.